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Lyme Diseaseâ??The Truth, the Cause, the Cure

Two competing theories about germs and disease have come down through history. The philosophy actually starts way back with Hippocrates and Galen and is really defined in the late 1800s by Louis Pasteur and Antoine Béchamp.

Access the Treasure of Transition

Going through transition requires letting go of an old life and making room for a new one. The process of changeâ??the death of a loved one, divorce, menopause, childbearing, illness, or a career changeâ??can be painful and frightening. However…

A Time to Retreat

Sometimes in our busy lives we simply need to make time to get away, slow down, and experience the NOW.

Authentic Success

Whoever we are, whatever we do, we are more than just a piece of ourselves. Too many times we are judged according to "what’s normal" in society which is contrived by the media and certain organizations that like to tell us how to be.

Hypnotherapyâ??Using the Power of Your Mind

Hypnosis is powerful because it provides access to the subconscious mind. The subconscious is the part of the mind that remembers everything. It houses beliefs, is the seat of the emotions, and is the creative, imaginative part of the mind.

A Divine Void

A traditional Womenâ??s Sweat Lodge ceremony occurs every second Sunday of the month at Stewart Mineral Springs in the Mount Shasta foothills. Participation is free, but donations are suggested.

Eco Chic Retreat

Making ends meet, working two jobs, raising kids, the never-ending list of â??to-doâ??sâ? â?¦ Sound familiar? With all that we have to do these days, who can really afford the time and resources for deep reflection and self-care?

Tis the Season for Bodywork

Every season brings with it some type of stress which is essentially "fight or flight." This is the time for bodywork and Tui Na is a valuable therapy offered by Anasuya in the Chico, CA area. It’s all about the flow of fluids and energy.

Autumn Is on Its Way! Season of the Metal Element

Autumn is the time of the metal element in Chinese cosmology. When we think of metal we often think of precious objects such as gold and silver. We are familiar with industrial metals such as steel that hold up buildings but what about our health?

Lotus Guide Online-Issue37-Jan/Feb-Mar–2011

What if the "powers that be" have suppressed information about curing cancer; think it can’t be true…think again. Also see what the Jesus Center in Chico is doing about hunger. Also, are you gluten intolerant?