Bringing the Angels into Your Life

By Kristy M. Ayala


As an Angel Therapy Practitioner® certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD, I, Kristy M. Ayala, MA, ATP®, work with angels daily. I also help people gain insight into their own lives by receiving messages from their angels. Through this work, I have found that people tend to ask the same questions. Who are the angels? Are angels with me right now? How can I have a deeper connection with the angels?

Angels are nondenominational beings of love who are here to bring support, love, and positive intervention into our lives. Angels are all around us, and they have information, personal messages, and support for each of us; all we have to do is ask.

Each person has at least two guardian angels with him or her at all times; yes, even you! Some people have more than two angels with them; some even have hundreds. The reason that some people have more angels with them than perhaps someone else does has nothing to do with the number of hours they have volunteered, or the amount of money they have donated to charities; it has to do with the plain and simple fact that they have asked for more angels to come into their lives. These individuals tend to have a strong interest in angels; they may even have pictures of angels in their homes or offices or angel statuary in their gardens.

People who have large numbers of angels with them report that they have asked for these angels to be with them and to support them in their daily lives. There is no one way to invite more angels into your life; you can ask out loud, you can write your request in a letter or a journal, you can visualize more angels coming into your life, or you can silently ask for more angels. Any way that feels right for you is the right way; the angels can hear all of our requests in any way that we choose.

Many times people believe that they don’t deserve to have angels with them, or they believe that by asking them for help they may be bothering them or taking them away from a more important task. The angels want everyone to know that there are so many angels available to us that we could never, ever take them away from a more important assignment. In fact, the angels want us to know there are actually angels waiting for an opportunity to work with us. They patiently wait for our request and then joyfully come into our lives to support us.

There are angels for every area of your life that you can imagine; we call these specialty angels. If you can think of an area of your life, big or small, that you would like help with, specialty angels are available to help you. For instance, would you like help with manifestation abilities, career, life purpose, relationships, studying, or connecting with your pets? If you answered yes to any of these questions, know that angels are eagerly awaiting your requests for help right now. The list of specialty angels goes on and on as there truly are angels for every issue or interest in your life.

I invite all of you to increase your personal connection to your angels who are with you right now. All you have to do is start a dialogue with your angels in any way that feels natural for you. Then, pay attention to any feelings or messages that you receive from your angels. If you would like to have more angels in your life, please know that there are infinite angels available to you right now, eagerly awaiting your request to come into your life and support you.

Sending you angel and fairy blessings,

Kristy M. Ayala, MA, ATP®

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