The Answer Is Simple Love Yourself Live Your Spirit

Interview with Sonia Choquette

By Suzie Daggett

Sonia Choquette has a magical manner that enchants people with her grounded essence, love and gratitude for each moment of life, and most of all spirit.

She reveals the secrets you need to awaken your intuitive spirit and connect to your inner wisdom, your “vibes.” Her message is clear—it’s time to step into your power. She has exceptional skills to guide you to live your six senses.

1. When did you know you had psychic abilities? Did your family support you in your inner knowledge?

When I was young child, around six years old. More accurately, I realized others did not have the same level of psychic awareness as I had and this came as a surprise to me. Being psychic was as natural to me as breathing and I initially assumed everyone had the same abilities as I had, which they didn’t. Being psychic in my family was considered normal because my mother was very openly psychic and she encouraged us to be the same. She insisted we pay attention to our psychic senses, all the time, and let it lead our lives, which I did. This was all it took to keep my intuitive channel open.

2. Your book, The Answer is Simple . … Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit, is a refreshing look into how spirit or ego runs our lives. You suggest we should be “suspicious of our ego.” Can you elaborate?

The human ego is the subjective and defended point of view we all share, the perspective that is always on the lookout against being harmed, criticized, injured, and/or unappreciated. It colors the world and sees it as potentially harmful, giving us the impression that we are perpetually in danger. This causes us to be defensive, suspicious, distant, and guarded, and cuts us off from the goodness of life and the goodness of others. Seeking approval is the ego’s main intention, of which it can never get enough. If we recognize the ego for what it is—our limited human self—and see its limitations, we can free ourselves of its more debilitating features. Rather than view life from the lens of the ego, which self-selects out from life, and leaves us feeling self-conscious and alone, we can view life from the perspective of our divine self, our spirit, which self-selects in and joins in the bounty of life. From the viewpoint of spirit we perceive the world more accurately, as a beautiful and benevolent place with many gifts for us, including creative opportunities, the goodness and love of people, the alliances of others, and the love of our creator. This viewpoint allows us to be more peaceful, productive, stress-free, and content.

3. You teach about Six Sensory Living—can you give us some examples of when we are using our sixth sense?

Our sixth sense endows us with the ability to perceive the more subtle realms of existence—levels of pure energy—and by tuning into these more subtle realms, we can be better informed and thus make better decisions in our lives. We experience the sixth sense in many ways—it can be as subtle as the hairs on our arms standing up when we enter potentially dangerous situations to having a gut feeling that a parking space is just around the corner. This subtle sense can be elusive, but with practice and by paying attention we can learn to recognize its presence in our lives and learn to follow its signals as they serve to guide us.

4. You are such a spark of energy—how do you maintain the level of light and vibration?

My spark comes from the Divine Sprit within … the same spark of life we all carry. I am mindful and grateful for the spark that gives me breath, and the ability to think, feel, and create. I thank God for every moment, every day, every challenge, and every experience, difficult or not, as it helps me fully open to my human journey. I have learned, by the grace of God and my intuition, that for every problem I face there is also an answer, and if I am open to it I will receive it in due time. I love life and people and see the world as my family and not as other or enemy. This keeps my spirit fed, alive, and well. I also take care of myself by eating well, moving, singing, and dancing every day.

5. Can you share some words of wisdom to keep our spiritual sense alive and well?

Yes … I would love to. Begin by remembering to breathe—deeply and often. Most of our anxiety originates in the fact that we are holding our breaths. Along with breath, sing along with your favorite songs. Put your hands into the earth and work in the garden or even a few simple pots with seeds that you plant, such as mint or basil. Share your gifts with others, be it the gift to listen well, the gift of good cooking, the gift of storytelling, the gift of friendship. As Mother Teresa once said, “We do not need to do great things, but rather little things with great love.” Love your day. It’s good to be alive. Smile. And tell others that you love their spirit. These things will greatly feed the spirit in you and others.

And they are easy.

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