Enhancing Mother Nature

Hello again, dear reader. Just as the winter is the great Yin of spiritual contemplation—summer is our great Yang of physical activity and growth.

This beloved heat comes to us and ripens our fruits and vegetables through the summer. Our great valley in California produces hundreds of millions of pounds of food for our United States and for the world. Thanks heavens for the four seasons and for the heat.

I have lived through 34 years of seasons in this North Valley and have fallen in love so many times with the seemingly magical sights that nature shows us through natural weather and earth changes season by season.

The earth is so giving of itself and our wonderful farmers and ranchers act as great artists to encourage just the right amount of food to grow.

Thus treated properly, the vegetables and fruits develop hundreds of carotenes and thousands of flavonoids that when eaten give to us enormous chemo protective effects against all chronic degenerative diseases.

These incredible naturally occurring antioxidants are anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, heart-disease fighting, and in general health-building nutrients. Score one for Mother Nature.

To augment your diet this summer and to support your physical and mental activity, begin taking Nordic Naturals DHA extra to support brain functions.

And lately I have been using the Nordic Naturals Omega-3 liquid. One teaspoon gives you a high dose of DHA and EPA.

Then, New Chapter’s organic vitamin and mineral supplements are very high in hundreds of flavonoids and carotenes because all the nutrients are food grown. New Chapter is the company that creates the anti-inflammatory supplement Zyflamend. Two capsules twice a day really helps to keep inflammatory pain under control.

Nordic Naturals has so many different omega-3 formulas, all pharmaceutical grade, triglyceride form, and New Chapter has so many amazing antioxidant and supportive supplements—they are a great fit for summer growth activities.

Thinking about our vegetables and fruits growing visibly in the ground and hanging from our fruit trees makes me remember going several years ago to a seminar given by Chris Killham (aka “the Medicinal Hunter,” an ethnobotanist who teaches botany through Amherst College in Massachusetts). Chris spent several months through two harvests and plantings of maca in the 14,000-foot-high Peruvian Andes Mountains, living with the native peoples and learning from them how they cultivate, plant, and harvest this amazing root. It turns out that maca is a large part of the Peruvian people’s diet in that mountainous region and is used as a food and medicine.

Flash-forward to present day and Gaia Herbs Company imports Peruvian maca into the United States, processes it, tests it for purity and quality, and here we now offer certified organic maca powder on sale at S&S Produce!! Maca is an extremely nutritious plant that is advertised to reduce stress, promote healthy energy, and increase libido (male and female).

In Peru the indigenous people eat pounds of this herb/food as a part of their diet, so you can generally use as much or as little as you like without thinking, “Am I taking too much?”

We carry many Gaia Herb products and this August, perhaps while you are reading this article, S&S Produce is sending one of my coworkers in the vitamin department to the Gaia Herbs farms in North Carolina! How exciting! I’m sure he will have much to share when he returns.

In July 2004 (10 years ago!), I flew to Salt Lake City, Utah, to visit and tour the Nature’s Way Herbs manufacturing facility and there I learned what a state-of-the-art herb processing facility is, and how it should be. The company receives and then inspects the herbs for looks (they should look good!), and then it conducts a high-pressure chromatography test for identity, potency, and to see if there are any impurities. After all that it then processes the herbs or raw materials for manufacturing into capsules or powders to make its products. It’s an incredibly efficient process to make sure that when you buy Nature’s Way products you receive medicinal-grade herbs and pharmaceutical-grade nutrients.

Nature’s Way Hawthorn Berries support normal heart function, Nature’s Way Thislyn Cleanse is used for full body systems cleansing, and Nature’s Way Kidney-Bladder herb blend supports normal bladder function. To this day I still rely on my experiences at the Nature’s Way manufacturing plant to judge other companies and how they test and process their products.

Great experience and great products.

I am not usually a big advocate of the “pill to the ill” philosophy that the medical profession usually embraces; however, there is a time and a place for everything and of course you match the nutrient or herb to the needs of the individual. That being said, Country Life has some amazing specific formulas that I have seen work for a number of people—first, for osteopenia or osteoporosis or even for muscle cramps at night, Country Life’s Bone Solid is the answer. For serious problems take two capsules three times a day, or for leg cramps two capsules just before bed.

One tablet of Country Life’s Glycemic Factors three times a day really helps to stabilize and support normal blood sugar levels, and Country Life’s Sharp Thought is a great mix of phosphatidyl serine and DHA for creating more neurotransmitters in the brain. It’s great for short-term memory, and Country Life’s Maxi Hair is hands down the best hair-growth formula I have ever seen. It’s high potency and a great formula for hair, skin, and nails.

One last tip about some products—many people have loss of blood circulation to the extremities, sometimes to the point of nerve damage in the legs and feet. It is a terrible condition that is due to oxygen free radical damage to the arteries and tiny veins and capillary linings in the legs and feet. Country Life’s Benfotiamine (B1), Active Lipoic Acid (300mg), and Country Life’s Resveratrol are absolutely amazing at stopping and maybe even reversing this form of neuropathy.

Please do your homework and study cause and effects with any degenerative illnesses. Albert Einstein, the famous physicist, said, “God doesn’t play dice with the Universe.” All illnesses have an organic growth process as to how they came to be. If you know the process of how an illness came about, then you have a chance to undo it. The saying goes, “Remove the thorn and God will heal it.” Given the proper vegetables and fruits and nutrients and treating ourselves kindly, there is no telling what we can heal, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

This season I pray that you all use this Yang energy to grow your roots deep into life’s enduring vales so that this coming fall and winter you grow more toward the stars of your greater spiritual destinies.


Donald Payne

S&S Produce & Natural Foods