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Body & Mind Are One

Hello again, dear reader, and hello to this new magical world of 2008. As we begin this year, I am beginning a cleanse of blood, lymph glands, urinary system, liver, and bowels.

Be Healthy for a Happy Summer!

Let us pray for the safety of our human population and the protection of our beloved America as well as the strength and courage to be able to change with the demands of the time.

Spring Can Bring New Focus on Wellness

I encourage everyone this year to use the growth energy of spring to develop a new focusâ??we need to develop a new health modelâ??a new health model that focuses on a deep understanding.

Go Raw to Grow Your Health

Endre Szalay believed that the best nutrition always came from raw vegetables and fruits, so he experimented with adding particular protein sequences.

Celiac Disease

In the United States today, millions of people suffer through symptoms that neither fit a specific diagnosis nor do the symptoms disappear.

Great Yang of Summer

As we move away from the Great Yang of Summer and directly toward the Great Yin of Winter all of the natural world in our area begins to slow down and turn from the focus on external growth more toward internal reflection.