What Animals Have Taught Me

By Cara Gubbins, PhD


When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to be Dr. Doolittle and talk to animals and share their messages with people.

Because I was told that Dr. Doolittle was made up and that I should want a “real” job, it was quite a victory when I actually did become Dr. Doolittle and started talking to animals.

I’ve been talking to all kinds of different animals, domestic and wild, insect and mammal, slithery and flying, for more than five years now as a professional animal intuitive. I’ve talked to bats and butterflies, fish and whales, horses and praying mantises.


We Live in a Community of Animals

One of the things I love most about living in Northern California is the abundance of wildlife all around me. Each of us is connected to Cara-copyanimals through our interactions with all the animals in our world—from our pets to the animals in our backyards to the wildlife in nature around us. I think of our world as expanding circles extending from each of us at the center.

For example, first my pets and me are in my smallest circle. We are surrounded by the animals in our neighborhood in the next circle. The local wildlife is in an even bigger circle around us. Together, we make up overlapping communities of people, animals, and nature.

Who is in your circles? The cats, dogs, horses, and chickens in our families overlap with the squirrels and raccoons and birds and insects in our yards. Our yards—or our hikes—lie within the ranges of various wild animals such as mountain lions, bears, coyotes, beavers, hawks, woodpeckers, and other animals.

Each animal community has its own relationships and interactions, too, completely separate from humans. But as humans who love animals, we also want to interact with animals—and frustratingly, they don’t always understand spoken English! So what can we do?


What Can You Do to Communicate with Animals?

Communication has two parts: sending and receiving. We can improve our communication skills by focusing on either or both of these parts.

When sending messages to animals, pets, or wildlife, we will get our messages across more clearly if we use many modes of communication, including intuition. So, if you want to send a clear message to your pet, say the words, send a picture, and even send a feeling that goes along with the message.

What about receiving messages from animals? You can practice the skills that make you a better receiver and your communication will naturally improve. Whether you want to receive messages from your pets or from wild animals, the same tools will help you.

Here is my simple four-part recipe for becoming a better communication receiver:


1.      Clear your head;

2.      Raise your vibration;

3.      Be curious;

4.      Trust what you receive.


When you clear your head, you quiet the noise of outside stimuli and inner chatter. By raising your vibration (through music, nature, meditation, etc.), your energy matches the higher vibration of intuition and your sixth chakra. Being curious keeps your thinking/judging mind out of the picture, allowing you to actually receive the intuitive messages coming to you. Finally, trusting what you receive reinforces the process and quiets your ego from doubting or second-guessing your impressions.

Keep following these steps and watch your connection with your animals improve!


Deepening Your Connection

Are you ready to connect more deeply with your pets and communicate with them on a soul level? If you are, you can download my free eBook Sending Signals: 5 Simple Steps to a More Intuitive Relationship with Your Pet from my websites www.aspiritualtail.com and www.caragubbins.com.

To go even deeper into the souls of animals and the bonds between humans and animals, check out my new book Divine Beings—The Spiritual Lives and Lessons of Animals. Divine Beings is a dramatic, inspiring journey into the inner world of animals that is now available on Amazon.com!


Dr. Cara Gubbins dreams of living in a world in which humans recognize their own divinity and the divine in all other beings on the planet. Her mission is to create that world by connecting people more deeply to animals, nature, and spirit through books, coaching, classes, readings, and retreats. For more information, please visit www.caragubbins.com or www.AnimalWisdomCircle.com.