Reflecting on Link Between Emotions Organs Outward Appearance

Hello again, dear readers. Just like millions of people all over the world, in February I enjoyed watching the Winter Olympics held in British Columbia, Canada. I often found myself in tears for the winners and emotionally distraught for the losers. Then in a flash, realization dawns, of course! All these young people are so blessed to be capable of participating and playing competitive games with others who share their skills.

I also began to pay attention to the signs of strength from their kidneys (the kidneys relate to the emotion of fear or to the lack of it—fearlessness). How courageous and fearless they have become and how in overcoming their fears they have strengthened their genital urinary systems considerably. Then the strengthening of their lung capacity greatly helps them to overcome grief (the emotion related to the lungs).

And on and on—what a great two-week education! The ages-old science of seeing the condition of internal organ workings by observing the external appearance is known as “physiognomy.” Every emotion relates to one of our organ systems and, along with diet, greatly affects those associated organ systems, and then it shows up externally as shaping, creating, and changing a person’s mouth, nose, eyes, ears, fingernails, skin color, and so forth.

If a person becomes very proficient in memorizing which external parts relate to which emotions—one can really began to see the physical and/or emotional health of any individual. Just imagine being able to look at a potential mate and seeing if she or he has tendencies to be really jealous or cruel or dishonest—or—perfect!

I encourage you to study some of the old macrobiotic books from George Ohsawa or Michio Kushi and learn more about this practice of seeing beyond the superficial appearances of people and things.

Prayers go out that this will also guide you to see your and our connection to nature—the Earth—and encourage you to take good care of her. In your purchases, support those companies with distinctive earth-social consciences.

Through past issues I have related to you, dear readers, stories about many of our supplement companies and earth- and people-friendly practices. I will use this issue as a reminder about some of those companies and an introduction to a new company. We also have some exciting new products from these companies.

Country Life is a frequent advertiser for us, and why?


· It produces some of the best and cleanest products in the United States;

· It is a certified “gluten-free” facility;

· Nearly all the energy the entire company uses is offset by the purchase of “Green-E”–certified renewable energy certificates.


Even the price list it sends us is made from 100 percent recycled fiber and 50 percent postconsumer waste. Very conscientious!

I have always used Country Life’s Daily Total One (multivitamin and mineral), but now it has two new products my family and I are using. My wife began using Country Life’s new Bone Solid instead of just Cal-Mag with D because Bone Solid works better for increasing bone mass. In fact, it has been clinically shown to increase all mineral use, strengthen bones, and support bone-mineral metabolism. I now recommend to everyone with osteopenia or osteoporosis that she or he takes Bone Solid as an adjunct to medication or alone to help with porous bone problems. The second new Country Life product is Stress Shield. I always recommend yoga and breathing practices to relieve stressful attachments. But we all can get carried away sometimes with everyday intense activities and so for that reason I love to use support for the adrenal glands. Country Life’s new Stress Shield is a great support for just that. Try some for your stressful days.

Also repeatedly, I have promoted Eclectic Institute herb company’s products. Eclectic Institute was the first company to create and use “organic alcohol” to extract its organic herbs—makes sense! The Eclectic Institute farm in Sandy, Oregon, is 80 acres of certified organic farmland surrounded by native forest, bordered by the Sandy River, and looking right up at Mount Hood.

Eclectic Institute was founded in 1982 by naturopathic physicians Ed Alstat and Michael Ancharski; it actually started as a company from within the clinic dispensary of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine, where Dr. Alstat was pharmacy director and Dr. Ancharski served as clinical director. I’m sure the professional background is partly why Eclectic Institute products are so potent and so exactingly prepared. Eclectic was the first to use a freeze-drying process to preserve all the potency of fresh herbs and it was also the first to offer alcohol-free herbal extracts, using a cold-still processor to replace alcohol in the solvent with glycerin; the addition of essential oils produces a great-tasting alternative to alcohol-based extracts.

Eclectic also has a new line of freeze-dried powders such as Broccoli—Tune-Up, Phenomenol 7, Nutrigenomic Berry Powder and Kale Powder, and more. What a great addition these make to some juice or water or a smoothie. This way you or your children can get enormous antioxidant protection daily in a great-tasting whole-food product! Try some.

Recently someone came to see me with some liver toxicity from taking too much acetaminophen (Tylenol). I immediately encouraged the person to try some Source Naturals’ N-Acetyl-Cysteine in a high dose and within three days the liver problems disappeared. Source Naturals has dozens of great condition-specific supplements to help balance and support our normal organ systems. When you use a good-quality supplements you receive good results.

Source Naturals also manufactures all of the famous Planetary Herbal Formulas (by Oriental-medicine doctor Michael Tierra). Many of the Planetary Herbal products are based on old Chinese medicine formulas also designed for condition-specific problems. They are great products that work from a conscientious company that cares about us and the world.

People frequently ask me for organic vitamins—I always go to the New Chapter supplement line. New Chapter was the first to create certified-organic vitamin and mineral supplements. I have spoken so often about the owner of New Chapter building a facility in Costa Rica to process New Chapter’s organic ginger there because otherwise the organic ginger in raw form would be irradiated before being shipped to the United States. In building that facility in Costa Rica he ensured that you and I could get true nonirradiated organic ginger. Wow! Talk about dedication to manufacturing quality organic supplements. New Chapter also makes Zyflamend, the best antiinflammatory supplement in the country. I love its Supercritical Antioxidant to protect the lungs; Tranquil Nite really helps me to sleep all night without waking. Besides Tranquil Nite, I use its Prostate 5LX daily, which, at my age, protects my prostate gland from swelling and prevents all of those associated problems.

Thank you, New Chapter, for all the support it gives us all through its quality supplements.

A brand-new company’s products we have just began carrying at S&S is Oregon’s Wild Harvest. Oregon’s Wild Harvest employs biodynamic farming methods. What is that? Biodynamic farming is a sustainable practice with the smallest carbon footprint of any agricultural method. Biological practices include a series of well-known organic farming techniques that improve soil health. Dynamic practices are intended to influence biological as well as metaphysical aspects of a farm (such as increasing vital life force—I call it chi). The idea is that the entire farm is a life force, and every part of it, from the animals to the soil to the farmer, represents a segment of a closed-loop ecosystem that operates optimally when nature’s forces guide the day-by-day growing operations. That’s biodynamic—what a great idea, the epitome of earth consciousness in growing healing plants for humans!

I began using Oregon’s Wild Harvest’s Milk Thistle-Dandelion Combination for my liver and for cleansing about three months ago, and what a great difference I have felt in my muscles and my energy level! You can really feel the difference in using such great-quality herbal products. We hope you will enjoy using Oregon’s Wild Harvest herbs as much as we do. In life the best is always yet to come, apparently even in herbal healing.

Enjoy your spring, dear readers. In this great area we live in the grass is green, the flowers are beautifully blooming, and all is alive!


Donald Payne

S&S Produce & Natural Foods