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By Cara Gubbins

Horses represent power, freedom, and travel to people all over the world. For me, they embody my calling to talk to animals and in this case, horses.

One of the pivotal moments of my life happened while I was driving on Highway 1 in West Marin nearly 15 years ago. Off to my left were a few horses scattered in a field, just hanging out and eating grass and being horses. The scene looked so nice! I wondered what it was like to be a horse and if they liked their field. In fact, I was so curious to know what it was like to be a horse that a longing welled up inside me and I started sobbing because I couldn’t ask them!

That day I vowed I would learn to talk to horses (and all animals) and never be left in the dark again. Several years later I finally made good on my vow and my business, A Spiritual Tail, was born.


Our Spiritual Connections with Animals

The way I see it, people and animals are all divine beings and each of us is having our unique species-specific experiences. We are here to share our gifts and learn our lessons and our souls chose the best form for our specific needs, whether it was the form of a horse, a person, a cheetah, or a butterfly.

Animals can be fantastic guides to help us reconnect with that divine spark that lies within each of us. They can remind of us of who we are, what’s important to us, and how interconnected we all are. Insight into their lives can help us get insight into our own lives.

As the third part in my series about the spiritual lives of animals (we covered dogs and cats in the last two issues), I want to explore the world of horses. In my research into the spiritual lives of animals, I asked dozens of animals of many species the same three questions: What is your spiritual gift? What is your spiritual lesson? What message do you want to share with humans?


Horses and Humans

Horses as we know them today evolved about 50 million years ago. Around 4,000 bc, horses were domesticated and since then they have been used by humans in warfare, for farm work, for sport, for shows, and, more recently, for therapy. Przewalsky’s horse is the only remaining truly wild horse that has never been domesticated in its history. These rare horses live in small, endangered groups in the wild. Feral horses, such as those now living in the open lands of California and Nevada, live in the wild but are descended from domesticated horses.


The Spiritual Gift of Horses

The first horse I finally communicated with was a retired rodeo horse. I met him 10 years after my crying scene in the car and I asked him my three questions. He told me that the spiritual gift of the horse is love, vitality, athleticism, movement, speed, and partnership.


The Spiritual Lessons of Horses

The spiritual lesson for domesticated horses is dedication and devotion. They are here to learn how it feels to be powerful but dependent on someone else. As a domesticated animal the best outcome of this challenge is interdependence, when the horse and rider merge into one being.


One Horse’s Message to Humans

The message my horse friend wanted to share with humans was that you have to open the door to your heart to let someone else in. Doing it is your choice; you are in charge. He says, “I love my gifts and my people. I love making them smile. I love to light up their eyes and their faces. Open yourself up to the other’s gift, whoever that other is. Be neighborly, invite them in. We can all give and receive in so many ways. I used to love to entertain and work hard together. Now I love to give smiles because that means someone has opened their door (heart) to me.”

How does hearing from a horse about his lessons help you understand yourself and your life better?


Deepening Your Connection

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