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GeoEngineering Is Fueling Firestorm Catastrophes

Geoengineering Watch
Geoengineering Watch

NOTE from Lotus Guide: It’s obvious to anyone with a few brain cells still firing that “something” is going on out of the ordinary on our planet and specifically in Northern California regarding the wildfires. Here’s where many of us get into trouble when it comes to not defining “something.” After a long hard search… Read more »

Who Is the Real Hero

John-Michael and Susan
John-Michael and Susan

…in Paradise Lost? By Rahasya Poe In John Milton’s Paradise Lost the tragic figures are Adam and Satan—Adam because he succumbs to mortal weakness and Satan because of his fall into the dense fields of matter and time. The high strangeness of the story is the fact that John Milton died on the same date… Read more »

5G Technology And the World We Live In

5G danger
5G danger

By Rahasya Poe As you can easily imagine, knowing what to write about can be a daunting task because so many things are happening on our planet that have dire consequences. I will list a few topics that we’ve covered in the past and I also need to say this … I have officially reached… Read more »

Two Biggest Taboos

Things That People Don’t Want to Hear That Hold the Key to Understanding Our World By Jack Allis     In my books and DVDs, I attempt to tell the total truth about our world, including the dark and sinister aspects that quickly emerge. If we are going to change our crazy world, we must first… Read more »

Social Media and Dopamine

What follows is an article I wrote for the Jul/Aug/Sept issue of Lotus Guide on the subject of social media and technology and its affects on our society including the science behind dopamine and their accompanying addictions. This page is to add some videos to watch that back up and add to what I am… Read more »

Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence-sophia
artificial intelligence-sophia

The Way of the Future—Maybe Not Our Future, Though By Rahasya Poe   OK, once again I find myself sitting here with no lack of topics to write about that I think are important and that the corporate media seem to be overlooking, which is a subject in and of itself. There are many topics… Read more »

Standing Rock and the Dakota Access Pipeline

By Rahasya Poe    It’s not necessarily because I’m 25 percent Cherokee, or even that it’s the right thing to do, which it is, that I’m throwing in my two cents on this issue. I was thinking of writing this article anyway, but it was confirmed when I started reading what traditional news media was… Read more »

Power vs. Force—What’s the Difference?

Power vs. Force—What’s the Difference? By Rahasya Poe OK … those of you who have been reading my articles in the past few issues know that I’ve touched on everything from the misinformation and disinformation being pumped out by corporate think tanks, and government conspiracies, ancient prophecies, and even UFOs and extraterrestrials, all of which… Read more »

The 12 Spiritual Laws of Recovery

The 12 Spiritual Laws of Recovery and Meditations for The 12-Step Program   By Rahasya Poe     Every once in a while I feel compelled to reach out and connect with what I see as the fastest-growing segment of our population. Now I have to admit, it would be very easy at this point… Read more »

Rahasya Uncensored

Also Check out Spiritual Activist Radio with Rahasya…Uncensored Most of my interviews on BBS Radio last 55 minutes, but occasionally they run over, here are 3 of them. If you want to Watch my interviews instead of just listening you can visit my You Tube Page HERE Here is the complete interview with John Anthony… Read more »