The Astrological Revelation

The Astrological Revelation:

Understanding the Deep Patterns of Meaning That Inform Our Lives

By Helena Kay

Last July 2012, during a dramatic week between the 16th and the 22nd, a configuration of planets aligned, correlating with a wave of violence in four seemingly unrelated events across the globe: three separate shootings in Toronto between July 16 and July 20; a shooting in a Colorado movie theater (July 20); an explosion in Syria (July 18); and a suicide attack against Israeli tourists in Bulgaria (July 18). Closer to home, a woman I’ll call “Leslie,” who grows vegetables in a raised bed next to mine, was traveling over the weekend to attend her best friend’s funeral. She was feeling the stress from all the preparations involved, as well as from the turmoil of having lost her closest friend. I had been feeling tense all week.

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street and the Arab Spring are indicative of a cycle we are in collectively, a cycle of accelerated change, often accompanied by drama and turmoil, scientific and technological breakthroughs, and global uprisings, fueled by a widespread hunger for radical change and freedom. The current period contains elements of two former cycles, the social and political upheavals of the 1960s and the economic depression of the 1930s. Both periods have been linked repeatedly in the last few years.

We’re at the peak of the cycle now, from 2012 to 2015. How this configuration affects us as individuals depends upon where it lines up in the individual birth chart, technically speaking. Having said that, what we experience is not solely determined by the positions of the planets in our birth charts, but by our level of self-awareness, maturity, and wisdom, and how we choose to respond. This third factor is perhaps the most important. I believe that if humankind is the crown of creation, then as human beings we have the capacity to co-create our reality and our future. Modern physics has shown that the act of observing affects the outcome of an experiment. Put another way, how we look at things often affects how things turn out. The birth chart reveals the deep patterns of meaning that inform our lives, such as the Eternal Youth or Peter Pan, the Hero, Crone or Wise Woman, the Rebel, Trickster, and Awakener, to name a few. Even ordinary experiences such as “luck” or “opportunity” reflect archetypal or planetary patterns. The chart indicates what we have to work with and work out, but we also have a choice as to how we perceive and respond to our situation and the events that transpire in our lives.

During the course of this decade, we are likely to see significant, even radical, changes within our political and social structures and institutions, revolutions in the arts and sciences, endings and new beginnings, shifts in self-identity, and awakenings. As a country, even in the midst of disruption and turmoil, we have an opportunity not just to be mere passive recipients of what the planets ordain. We have an opportunity to participate creatively in bringing to birth a new era by being open to leaving comfort zones, by letting go of circumstances and situations confining or limiting to our souls, by being willing to take risks, and to have and create new experiences and lifestyles.

In ancient times, astrology was used to predict events and to ward off disaster. In the modern era and in Western cultures, people turn to astrology more often for self-understanding and insight into their lives and relationships. A friend recently asked me to look at her chart and how it synthesized with that of a man she was interested in romantically. She has an alignment in her chart that is often associated with being obsessive in relationships and she confided that was the case with this man. Obsession happens when something deep in the unconscious is touched or activated. Once we become conscious of what that is, the compelling power of the obsession dissipates. After we talked about the two charts, she sent me an email saying she realized that what she saw in this man and what so enthralled her was an image that resonates deeply within her. She found pleasure in the fantasy of what an involvement would be like, but she recognized that the reality was quite different. She felt a sense of completion about the encounter and was ready to let go. Even though my friend has a tendency to obsess in relationships, instead of being overwhelmed by the attraction, the work she has done on herself and her self-awareness and honesty have allowed her to move on from what could have been a burdensome relationship.

Leslie, my fellow gardener, said farewell to her dear friend. I saw her soon after her return and she had a story to tell. She mentioned her love of hummingbirds. While she was speaking at the gathering for her friend, a hummingbird flew right up to her! So, I wondered out loud, what do they symbolize? Without even a pause, Leslie answered, “Rebirth and joy.” I’m sure Leslie would agree with Plotinus, the Greek philosopher who said: “Everything in the world is full of signs. … All events are coordinated. … All things depend on each other. … Everything breathes together.”

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