BioAcoustics Sound Can Heal the Body''s Imbalances

By Judy Chambers

Human BioAcoustics, developed by Sharry Edwards, M.Ed., of Sound Health, has been described as a cross between music therapy and biofeedback.

Bob Bethel came to Sound Health with severe leg injuries from a motorcycle accident.

Doctors had advised amputation. Several years later, after ongoing work with Sharry, he was teaching tennis. I am a speech pathologist by profession, and I am using BioAcoustics to maximize the effect of therapy. On three occasions, my speech patients were able to reverse vocal cord paralysis in a matter of months. For another patient who had TMJ pain, it was gone within a few weeks. Please visit, do a search for Judy Chambers, and read the reviews.

What is BioAcoustics? It is a natural and holistic way of using voice analysis to enable the body to balance itself. We gather information from the body in the form of “voice prints,” which are analyzed in terms of frequency. The frequencies that are found to be “in stress” are used to develop individual formulas that are then programmed into a listening device to help the body to heal itself.

Sharry Edwards, the developer of this technology, was born with the ability to hear sounds well beyond the range of normal hearing. She also is able to produce a perfect sine wave with her voice. These abilities enable her to “hear” the imbalances in people’s voices and to produce sounds that can help the individual’s voice become balanced. Sharry learned early on that these imbalances correlated with health issues. This understanding led to the development of an extensive database of frequencies correlating with a full range of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, muscles, vertebrae, nerves, neural transmitters, genomes, and so on. Through the years, computer programs and equipment have been developed that enable practitioners such as myself, who lack Sharry’s natural abilities, to provide these same services.

Readers may recognize the similarity of this approach to other modalities, such as chimes, chanting, tuning forks, crystal resonators, and vibrating beds. However, BioAcoustics takes these an important step further, because it honors the individual. Any health issue that an individual can experience may be caused by many different things. There is no one cause for a particular problem, nor is there any approach that is always appropriate. Sharry discusses this at length in an interview with Larry Trivieri for a chapter about BioAcoustics in his book, Health on the Edge. She recounts a study that was done with three individuals who had gait problems. One of the subjects turned out to have difficulty processing vitamin B12. A second subject had gait problems that were due to the gene for Friedreich’s ataxia. The third individual had trauma to his L2 vertebra caused by a skiing accident. All of these root causes were discovered through analyses of their vocal prints.

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What happens in a BioAcoustics session? During the first visit, or section of a longer visit, we take a vocal print. The client speaks into a microphone, which records a vocal sample into a computer. The frequencies are then analyzed by a computer program, which determines which frequencies are too high or too low. If a frequency is too high, it can mean either that the client has too much of the corresponding substance (mentioned above) in his or her system, or that the body is not able to process that substance effectively. Next, the practitioner analyzes the prints (we usually take at least two prints), running them through several data programs, to help determine the frequencies that are most likely to relate to the client’s issue. Finally, the client is asked to listen to various forms of the more important frequencies. Objective and subjective measurements determine which of these frequencies seem to be most effective. Finally, we program a small listening device, called a tone box, with the appropriate frequencies. The client takes the box home and listens to his or her sounds for a specified period each day. We usually also recommend a follow-up visit to adjust frequencies and to counsel the client.

We have programs, or dedicated databases, for issues such as Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, Alzheimer’s, cancer, PTSD, anxiety, and many other issues.

You might say that I have a passion for BioAcoustics. I have been studying with Sharry and providing this service for 18 years, and I could not stop if I wanted to! My greatest pleasure is watching it work its magic! For more information, call 530-244-5952